End of Summer Shootout: Two German Witbeers

Hanscraft & Mashsee: Very White Porn Star vs. Kuehn, Kunz, Rosen: Kuehnes Blondes

It came up in a chat with my local craftbeer dealer Ben: how does the new „Very White Porn Star“ compare to the „Kuehnes Blondes“ that we all love and know? The last time I had the „Kuehnes Blondes“ was a long time ago, so I took both beers home and had them side-by-side (sounds like a dream come true, but it is only beer, guys!) .

Presentation: the „Kuehnes Blondes“ has a creamy foam, is a little cloudy and light amber. The „Porn Star“ is clearer and lighter in color.

Smell: Very similar, at least to my untrained nose.

Taste: The „Porn Star“ is more pleasing in the mouth, feels and tastes „rounder“. The „Kuehnes“ is a little bit more harsh, maybe more CO2, more acidity?!

Overall: Two very good german Witbeers, with only minimal differences, IMHO.

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