I know and you know!

I know, – and you know – that it doesn’t matter what (un)secretly secrets we now of. It doesn’t matter how the legal constructs we earn our money from – and for – is doing. Which clients they are getting or loosing.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we try.
We try to get better.
Better, in what we want to become better in.
In what we want to become.

I know it’s hard. IT IS VERY HARD.
Especially after the days we have to spend.
Long hours, commuting to cities nobody likes.
Living in cities we don’t want to.
Working jobs that are insignificant to us.

Or the world.

And then the „after work“:
drinking, eating, „having fun“ or even – sleeping.
Everything is more attractive than really working. Working on uns.
Working on what matters.

We have to do it.

We have to have the greatest ambition possible.

You want to be immortal?
Fight to be immortal. Do it.
You want to make the most fantastic art of <whatever>?

If you fail, it is not important.


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